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E199-02 - Zentrum für Koordination & Kommunikation der Fakultät für Informatik

State: The lab is currently open.


Account removal: Student accounts of summer term 2019 will be removed on 6.9.2019.
Main entrance repaired (again): The main entrance was repaired again. If you experience any trouble, like the motorised lock opens but the door does not, please mail the admin.
Timetable: Since winter term 2018/2019 the TILAB rooms can be found in TISS. Please note: Due to technical limitations not all reservations can be found in TISS calender. The timetable on the TILAB homepage is the authoritative source.
SSH: For SSH connections please use the generic application server alias ssh.tilab.tuwien.ac.at. It is reachable world wide 24/7. Clients (ti[0-9]+) can only be reached from the TUNET directly. You can use the TU VPN-Service to get a TUNET IP anywhere in the world. In any other case you can always use ssh with "ProxyJump" and hop over the generic application server. Note that clients can be unreachable or restart without warning.
NEW ACCESS SYSTEM: There is a new keycard access system installed. It works with the standard TU Card. To use it just hold your TU Card - without moving it - in front of the card reader and wait until the door unlocks. If you have any troubles please contact admin at tilab.tuwien.ac.at by email or call the TU internal number 19521. Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. Please check for additional info in the howto section.

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