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For Teachers: If you want to teach in the TILAB please read the Staff HOWTO

Read this page carefully before you start to work.

1. Network

You can access the your TILAB account worldwide by connecting to ssh.tilab.tuwien.ac.at with any SSH speaking terminal. This alias will always point to a generic server which may or may not have your courses special software set installed.

Note: Due to the GDPR accounts in the TILAB won't receive mails anymore.

For some courses we provide specialized application servers, which have the complete software environment installed (just like a client PC). You can find more info on your courses homepage.

You are free to log in and work remote on the client PCs (ti[[:digit:]]+.tilab.tuwien.ac.at). But keep in mind that the local user has always priority and their are no guaranties for uptimes and reboots may occur for several reasons without any warning at all. Also note that all PCs contain several linux installations and it might run in one, that does not provide your courses setup. The SSH access of all PCs is limited to the TUNET (including TU.it VPN).

Here are the SSH public host keys for ssh.tilab.tuwien.ac.at:
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIB7Xj8+zpgFSlQOKfROkMDzwM7u1qul4veCTmp8m6ZBd 
ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHAyNTYAAAAIbmlzdHAyNTYAAABBBN6Zo9+QQBZTFtBDHLoJKTV4ZN5o7jT+ipivHVi5w92OgTHoP38aGoW67aBnQV7cEWP759djA4aD6C1iJr9JxkM= 
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA1LRz4ZbUaUZIRr879RS+v3iV0Zn0XADuGDqGge0nzuBFD0TN5bMcxNEYEGWIZcsalVIGhn5gdBz+eVl1/wvHR5TGnmsgXvhc1y7LkRSPhxC3wNtDoFYoQbFRKTD4wMTUT/gTZkg4jUYtQ/Pldk6B/e/6c1+kOy3dw85lvhVbwceM69axD4G/FBH5PcprdhPHP6cMA6rMUMNEsRE/RR8IAjrEzSiL7QpgJbpyvpSrYlg7wVvnZcRKdUbj/15O1D1d0/7jgx1fugnS/2uS2KBoe0yEY4eL7Q5a8dbn95p6lSI12YSaFY+dszXSoGNosvls0MXPefHc79bdRW2WnoOLbw== 

Here are the fingerprints for the public host keys:
256 SHA256:kRLFDPm/2AcbqxOu6o2R8KxjmX4+unVX5IwJ+9THzIc (ED25519)
256 SHA256:6OAWIN18QTp6rLIOQn0H8eqbkJAIN6tUWO5Yc0XrDfw (ECDSA)
2048 SHA256:MPJZ4uDL0j8ltNWX45dBXQNQ0oyVLzUC7yVZuIR7BP0 (RSA)

1.1 TI Portal aka myTI

The TI Portal is not hosted in the TILAB. Please use the contact information on the TI Portal if you have problems or need help using it.

2. Account

You will always find your homedir at /homes/$USERNAME (or H: if you use Windows). Your disk space may be limited. To find out more about it run "quota -vs" on any linux host. If you run out of disk space and are unable to log in graphically, then use a text console to delete some files. To change your password use the password portal

How to get it: If you enrol for a course you should automatically get a mail once it has been created or if there is any problem. Note that accounts might not be created before a course starts and that it might take about a week after you enrol.

3. Physical access

Once your account was created and you accepted the Acceptable Use Policy you can enter your lab room using your TU Card ("Studierendenausweis"). More info about the TU Card can be found here. To use it hold your TU Card in front of the reader without moving it. Wait until the door opens. If you have multiple cards with wireless features (e.g. bank card), try to take the TU Card out of you purse.

4. Acceptable Use Policy

You will have to sign that you comply to the acceptable use policy when you get your account.

5. Software

A set of generic free software ist installed on Linux and Windows Clients and on the applications Servers. For example you can use you account to host a GIT repository.
If you miss any (free) software that you could use in your course, then go ahead, just ask for it (see Support below). We will always try to help out. But please don't tell us at the end of the course that it would have been much easier if you had xy installed.

6. Support

If you catch a bug, cannot solve a problem with the generic lab environment or even miss an important software package, please open an issue in GitLab (Login with TU-Password required).

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